Welcome to Gord Walford's website

Here's a summary of what you will find here, as of October 2016:

  • about: tells you about me and my family, including links to three photo galleries: Diane & I, the grandkids and a 1996 trip in the Miata

  • favorites, etc:
    • favorites provides links to some websites I've found interesting over the years, under the topics of Christian music, humour and other helpful stuff

    • "moving music", a page with links to Christian songs that encourgaed me as a young Christian in the 1970's and 1980's

    • "moving musicians", a page with links to some YouTube videos of a few particular musicians I've enjoyed in the past and recently

  • html: one page with some info on coding HTML, including links to html resources; one page with some thoughts on constucting church websites

  • celiac: provides links to sites with useful information on celiac disease (I was diagnosed in 2001)

  • camp: four pages dedicated to our family camp at One Island Lake, about 1/2 hour west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, including July 2000 activities, panoramic pics and map

  • links, etc:
    • main page contains links to the PCC daily devotional page as well as several sites in my webservant's portfolio

    • our family "Christmas - New Years letter 2015" - published October 2016 (without final editing by Diane, but published nonetheless!

    • a page dedicated to the late great cartoonist Johnny Hart and his comic strip "B.C."

    • "God's billboards", a collection of sayings designed to catch people's imagination when they showed up on billboards a few years back

    • a page dedicated to the ice storm of 1998 that hit the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada like a ton of bricks

  • contact: information on how to contact me

A note about the cover photo: it was taken at "camp" (that's what Northern Ontario folk call cottages) in the summer of 2013. Neat effect combining a rainbow and the sun's rays poking through the clouds!

Also, in most cases you can click on a photo to see a larger version.



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